Terms and Conditions

Prices and payments:

1. PT Removals Ltd keeps the right to ask for a deposit of up to 25% upon confirmation of booking. It is not compulsory and depends entirely on the individual case.

2. The price for the service may change if undeclared items are added after a quotation has already been given.

3. The customer is responsible for any Congestion Charges (if applicable)

4. Induced Toll Charges during the move shall be a responsibility of the customer.

5. The customer is responsible for any parking arrangements and permits. If a parking penalty(ies) are issued to our vehicle they will be included in the final invoice.

6. Deposits are not refundable.

7. PT Removals Ltd should be notified of any changes to the original confirmed moving date at least 72 hours in advance. The customer will be charged a fine of 25% of the total price if they fail to give a notice in the time limit provided.

8. If the moving is postponed or cancelled less than 24 hours before the arranged time, the customer will be liable to pay half of the final amount.

9. All the payments should be completed within 7 days. If the customer chooses to pay by cheque, bank transfer, debit or credit card we reserve our right to charge them 3% of the total amount. If any payment is overdue fines will be issued (£50 initially, and then £20 each following day) and further legal actions taken.

10. All prices are based on hourly rates unless previously agreed in writing. All services have a minimum charge of two hours, with any additional time charged in 30 minute increments. Prices are estimated to the best of our ability and based on information provided. If a job is to overrun the same hourly rates apply, likewise, if the job was to take less time you will only be charged accordingly subject to minimum booking period.

11. The working time starts from when our team first arrives at the collection address and finishes when all the items have been unloaded at the final delivery address.

12. We require payment directly after completion of the domestic or commercial move, unless previously arranged differently. VAT is always included in the final price.

13. For international moves, PT Removals Ltd requires 50% of the final amount prior to loading at the collection address. Cash is always preferred method.

14. The customer will be provided with an invoice immediately after the payment has been received.

Rights and Responsibilities:

15. The Company vehicles are insured for business purposes only and the only passengers permitted to travel in them are the company’s employees.

16. Our employees have a 20 minute break on every 3 hour period included in the contract.

17. We reserve the right to decline a job if the customer’s behaviour is unacceptable or inadequate at any given time.

18. The customer is responsible to provide us with full information and disclosure for the nature of the work we are taking in order for PT Removals Ltd to provide them with an accurate quotation.


19. If the removed items are have not be packaged by PT Removals Ltd, we will not be responsible for any damages and we do not offer compensations.

20. Packing services shall not include the packing of drinks, oils or any other food or drink that is in liquid form and has been previously opened.

21. If additional packing materials are required, in addition to the ones already agreed upon, the customer will be charged for them separately from the removal quote as they are not usually included in the price, unless differently arranged.

22. We do not offer compensation for damages if part or self-loading.

23. All unusual moves, and damages to goods or property during their performance, will not be a responsibility of PT Removals Ltd.

24. PT Removals Ltd are only responsible for lost or damaged items if they have been reported to a supervisor during or at the end of the job.

25. Claims due to our negligence should be reported in writing within 7 days of the moving day and we will deal with the matter accordingly within 2 weeks. However, the customer will not be permitted to deduce money from the final amount.

26. PT Removals Ltd should not be held responsible if events beyond our control, such as breakdown of vehicles, road closures or adverse weather conditions, cause any damage or loss.

27. The customer should be always present or represented during collection and delivery. PT Removals Ltd are not responsible for any items or property left unattended.

28. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all the correct items are taken and nothing is left or taken away by mistake.

29. The customer is responsible to prevent any damage to flooring or carpets during delivery. Protective sheets can be ordered in advance from PT Removals Ltd, in any other case the company is not to be held responsible.

30. All electrical and gas appliances should be disconnected and ready to be moved before our staff arrives.

31. We do not allow highly flammable liquids, explosive items, chemicals or radioactive chemicals, drugs, weapons or any other illegal substances in our vehicles.

32. Unless we have previously agreed to take responsibility for any of the customer’s valuables (such as keys, jewellery, money, personal documents etc.) , PT Removals Ltd should not be held responsible for any loss or damage to their valuable nature.

33. Our team will not disconnect, re-connect, dissemble or reassemble any furniture or electrical appliances, remove doors or windows, unless previously stated and agreed upon when the booking is made .

This contract is subject to the Law and Jurisdiction of England.




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