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Packers and Movers London – Every house or office removal requires all belongings to be packed so they can be safely transported. If you decide to pack everything on your own this will consume a large amount of your time and may not be to the high standard that is required, leading to possible damaging of your items during the move.
Why not trust PT Removals’ professional team to do this instead?
We will safely pack all fragile items and also dismantle, transport and put back together all furniture using only very high quality materials. If you trust us to carry out this important step of your removal’s process we can guarantee that all of your belongings will be transported without scratching, breaking or being damaged in any way.
All of our employees undergo training for packaging, dismantling and mantling of furniture. We use only high quality packing materials in order to guarantee the safety of your belongings.
However, if you still choose to pack everything on your own, please keep in mind that we DO NOT recommend you to:

  • Pack everything in plastic bags (especially kitchen stuff and fragile things)
  • Use old or previously used boxes
  • Pack big boxes with books up to the top (they will be too heavy and much harder to move). Each box should weight no more than 20kg

If you are not sure and would like to find out about the different stages of the removal process, please call our operators who will be happy to give you more information about how removals are carried out and what the different steps are.
This is completely free of charge and doesn’t require any commitment of your end.
Please note that all of our prices include VAT and insurance for up to £20,000

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