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Moving home to France

Removals to France – When the opportunity of moving your house or business to France arises, the most significant problem you have to face is choosing the right company to help you with the transition. When making the decision, you should always look for professionalism, experience and flexibility.
PT Removals Ltd combines all of these qualities and this is evident in the high quality of service we provide our customers with.
The high satisfactory rates we get from our clients are due to our careful attention to detail – we will safely pack all of your belongings using only the best packing materials you can find on the market, and organise the whole process in advance so that everything is kept under your control.
Our many years of experience has taught us to be as flexible as possible when it comes to our clients’ needs – we can work on short notice, within short periods of time and handle any last minute changes with professionalism and a sense of responsibility.
We can provide you with as many vehicles (of any size) as you need and our team of professional movers, supervisors and organisers will be there to assist you at any given time.
We know the risks of moving aboard and that’s why we will also insure all of your property for up to £20 000 in case of any damage or loss (as small as the probability is!).
The most popular destinations we cover are:

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removals to france

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